Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sword fight etc

Carson and Naomi

Addy and Isabella

teaching Sunday School

Kortney and Bryce

Matthew and Ethan

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Per request - more OK photos

Emily's living room from the dining room.  Kenyan photos by Carrie

panoramic view of our new house, with Bonners house behind the white fence

our garage on the left (snow on the roof?) beside Bonners' yard

638 South Lahoma again

from the back, Bonners' house on the left and our place on the right

our house from the rear showing the big screened in porch and the future site of the ramp for Bethany, as well as the glorious Sycamore tree that I obviously used to take photos of before we ever bought the house

More April 8


Coffee and tea fundraiser

from Thailand

Roy and Allen

Kortney, Bryce, and Marilyn

Josh and Grandma

Sammy and Carson


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 8


Nevaeh and Cam


Cheri and Janet


Julia and Sammy

Jordan and Martha